Age Group Descriptions

Grades 1, 2 & 3 – Bisseleh (בסלה)

5 Days at Camp Massad! A great taste of the magical programming that is offered; this option is a wonderful way to try out overnight camping. This option is offered in both July and August sessions.

Grades 2 – 5

2 Weeks at Camp Massad! Enjoy 2 shabbats and many of the major programs offered at Camp Massad. This option is offered in both July and August sessions.

Grades 2 – 7

3 Weeks at Camp Massad! Enjoy 3 shabbats and all of the major programs that Camp Massad offers! This option is offered in both July and August sessions.

Grades 2 – 7

5 out of 6 Weeks at Camp Massad! For those who just can’t get enough of Camp Massad we welcome you to stay for 5 weeks! A flexible option for those wanting to extend their Camp Massad stay as 2 weeks are spent in one session and 3 weeks in the other. This means that campers will experience 2 Maccabias (מ כ בי ה) in one summer!

Grades 4 – 7

6 out of 6 weeks at Camp Massad!!! If you define yourself as a Massadnick, on a regular basis you find yourself thinking about Camp, and you just can’t get enough, than this option is for you! No two sessions are the same so you will have lots to experience and enjoy all summer long!


Grade 8 – Ma’alit (מעלית) or Ma’alit Plus (מעלית  פלוס)

Maalit is a great 3 week option and if you’re wanting more than Maalit plus is extended to 5 weeks. This is a great program to start your leadership journey at Camp Massad! Focused activities, creative workshops, and cooperative games are just some of the programs that make Maalit unique from our regular Camp sessions.
3 weeks

Grade 9 – Michinah (מכינה)

5 weeks at Camp Massad with an option to register for a bonus week of Michinah Al Ha Mayim; a week-long outdoor adventure program where campers canoe at Western Canada’s most beautiful lakes and sites developing wilderness skills and growing into strong leaders. Michinah builds on the leadership skills taught in the Maalit program; though Maalit is not a pre-requisite. There will be opportunities to assist with programming, design a Shabbat, and take on a larger role at Camp Massad.

Grade 10 – Machshirah (מחשירה) (counsellor in training)

6 weeks at Camp Massad! Our unique counsellor in training program is unlike any other. Machshirah offers specialized training and programming to help encourage leadership development. Team building exercises, creative workshops, and focused activities will help campers grow and develop. Campers will use learn techniques to help with childcare and further their counsellor in training skills; they will have an opportunity to have supervised counsellor in training sessions and teach other campers. Machshirah campers will lead Yom Sport, design a Shabbat, and play an integral role in helping develop the future of Camp Massad; this is a great opportunity for those interested in being summer Camp Counsellors.

Ages 4 – 7 – Shoresh (שורש ) Day Camp

For campers too young to stay overnight, Camp Massad offers a daytime only option. Weekdays 10:30am – 3:30pm. Campers are dropped off and picked up from Camp Massad in Winnipeg Beach. Lunch and snack are provided. Campers will experience interactive games and activities, singing, sports, swimming, schtick, art & crafts, dancing, and tons of fun!