General Information

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the upcoming season of Camp Massad! The staff has been working hard to get the site and the program ready and we are looking forward to another fabulous summer.

Please review the following information and print as needed. Please note that all buses will now be leaving and returning to The Asper Jewish Community Campus (123 Doncaster St.)

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything before Camp Massad begins, please contact us anytime. We want to do everything possible to make sure your child’s Massad experience is wonderful.


Phone: (204) 477-7487   |   Email:

A Camp Health Officer is on the campsite, and a doctor’s clinic and hospital are nearby. There are no dental services. Therefore, campers should have dental care before coming to camp. Please do not schedule appointments for your child during camp. It is disruptive for a camper to leave during a session.

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MEDICINE: All medication brought to camp must be turned in to the Camp Health Officer upon arrival at camp. Medication MUST be in a blister pack and every item must have the camper’s name and instructions. Please note that should your child require medication prescribed while at camp due to illness, you will be billed for any expenses.

EYE GLASSES: If your child wears eye glasses, a safety band should be sent. Consider sending a second pair of eye glasses to camp to give to the Camp Health Officer for safe keeping. Should the camp have to repair your child’s glasses while at camp you will be billed for any expenses.

T-SHIRTS: The pre-ordered shirts will be given to your child at camp.

CONDUCT POLICY: Smoking, vaping and the use of drugs or alcohol are strictly prohibited. ANY CAMPER FOUND TO BE IN POSSESSION OF THESE ARTICLES WILL BE PROMPTLY SENT HOME.

ELECTRONICS POLICY: Cell Phones, Smart Phones, TVs, Portable DVD Players, and Laptops are not permitted at camp. Any forbidden devices will be confiscated and returned at the end of the session. The camp reserves the right to confiscate any device that interferes with/or affects campers’ participation in programming. The camp is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged articles.

FOOD: Please do not pack food, gum, seeds or junk food. All food will be confiscated and not returned. DO NOT MAIL FOOD OR CANDY PARCELS. PARCELS WILL BE CONFISCATED AND NOT RETURNED.

ALLERGIES: CAMP MASSAD IS NUT FREE. Camp Massad takes precautions to avoid common allergens, for example, the removal of peanut butter and all nut products from the campsite. Many foods have nuts “hidden” in the ingredients. This makes it imperative that we have your co-operation in not sending food of any kind to camp.

PACKING: Suggested packing lists are included to help you prepare. Please note that storage space in the cabins is very limited. Each camper is allowed a maximum of two pieces of luggage and one carry-on backpack. All clothing must be packed and sent with your child to camp. It is not possible to drop items off at the campsite. Please mark every article with your child’s name.

WATER: Our water is safe to drink but water coolers are available with bottled drinking water. We ask that each camper bring a refillable water bottle. Please label water bottle.

MAIL: Campers look forward to receiving mail so please remember to send postcards and letters regularly to your child. Due to slow mail delivery to the beach, we suggest you send something a few days prior to the session to ensure your child receives mail early in the session.  Camp Massad has a mail drop box at the front security desk of the Asper Jewish Community Campus; feel free to drop letters for your camper; mail is picked up and delivered to Camp twice a week.

Experience has demonstrated that our campers enjoy frequent letters, which may include a bit of family news, some jokes or riddles, and perhaps a plan for what the family may do upon the child’s return. It is understandable that families and campers miss each other, which is why positive, happy letters are eagerly anticipated and really appreciated. When children receive letters which outline many activities that the family did, this may make them feel as if they are missing out on things while they are at camp. Please also remember that homesickness is normal and natural, and that often it occurs after children receive letters from home. Staff members are well prepared to deal with these occurrences.

C/O Camp Massad
General Delivery
Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba R0C 3G0

Asper Jewish Community Campus
123 Doncaster Street
Located at: Front Security Desk, labelled with Camp Massad Logo box

PARENTS ON CAMPSITE: We ask that parents not visit the campsite while camp is in session. While we hope that each camper can attend for his/her full session, in the event that a child has to arrive late or leave early, arrangements must be made in advance with camp staff who will bring the camper to the Winnipeg Beach tennis courts to meet parents/guardians. Any arrangements must be made in advance.

VALUABLES: Leave them at home! Camp Massad takes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings.

TELEPHONE: The camp telephone is for business and emergency use only. No child will be called to the phone. If there is a problem or concern we will not hesitate to contact you. In the event of an emergency, the camp phone number is (204) 389-5300. Please refrain from calling unless it’s an emergency. Please contact the camp at with non-emergencies and someone will get back to you within 12 hours.

Please note that all buses will now be leaving and returning to The Asper Jewish Community Campus, 123 Doncaster St.