Daily Schedule

A day in the life of a camper at Camp Massad!

Wake Up
Degel (raising of the flag)
Breakfast (ארוחת בוקר)
Bideekah (Cabin clean up/inspection)
Activity #1
(activities include but are not limited to: water sports, singing/music, orienteering/scouting, sports, drama, arts & crafts, dance & movement)
Activity #2
Lunch (ארוחת צהריים)
Sheerah (Sing-A-Long)
Rest Period
Activity #3
Swimming in the pool!
Degel (lowering of the flag)
Supper (ארוחת ערב)
Evening Program
Bedtime – Lyla Tov! (לילה טוב)

Campers will go on an overnight. Length varies depending on age group.