COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Camp Massad Staff we want to wish everyone and their families good health and safety during this unusual situation. In times like this it is important for us, as a community driven camp, that we stay committed to the health of our community and do what is best for everyone. In saying that, we are continuing to monitor all situations and are making it a priority to keep up to date with all best practices in order to help reduce the spread of this virus. We cannot stress enough how important it is for all you to do the same, we can beat this thing together. Update: As of right now, we have no intentions of cancelling any of our summer programs but a final decision will be made within the first week of June. We will keep everyone informed on our website, social media and through email, when we have more information to share. We appreciate your patience and support to Camp Massad while we try to navigate through this challenge.

What Are We Doing?

  • Although the Massad office is currently closed until further notice, we felt that it was extremely important that we continue on with the mindset of business as usual. In order to do so, staff will be working remotely, planning for the summer and responding to emails as quickly as possible. If needed, we are more than prepared to have over the phone or video meetings. 
  • We will still be processing payments as necessary, however, there may be a delay on cheque deposits. 
  • If cancellations are necessary, due to concerns related to COVID-19, we will not hold cancellation fees against anyone.
  • We are working with the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, Manitoba Camping Association and all of our partner organizations to evaluate the proper approach for the upcoming summer. 
  • We are carefully monitoring the daily updates and developments on the virus and the proper precautions we need to take as a residential summer camp.
  • We will continue to provide updates on all of our platforms in regards to the summer and preventative measures that you can take at home.

What Can You Do?

  • Wash your hands and maintain other personal hygiene routines, and practice social distancing.
  • We encourage you to stay up to date on all things related to the virus through the Province of Manitoba and Government of Canada Public Health websites, as they are the most trusted and reputable sources.
  • We know how important camp is to everyone and we do not want that to be forgotten during this time of uncertainty. If anyone has any ideas on how we can make Massad even more relevant over the coming weeks, please reach out to us!

We would also like to take the time to say thank you to all of the front line Healthcare Professionals both in our Camp Massad community and outside of it for doing what they do best. Risking their lives to keep us all safe. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas on keeping camp relevant please reach out to us through email at or We look forward to continuing to plan for the summer and we hope that everyone stays safe, happy and healthy.

Heydad Massad!

Danial Sprintz
Executive Director
Drew McGillawee
Director of Planning and Programming