Jewish Summer Camp – Camp Massad – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | August 10th & 11th - שבת שלום
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August 10th & 11th – שבת שלום

August 10th & 11th – שבת שלום

Shavua Tov from Camp Massad.

We ended the week with a wonderful and relaxing Shabbat. 

Friday, the campers had peulot as usual, Tzameret Aleph banot learned a great dance to perform for the whole camp, and some of the campers helped the staff paint backdrops in the oolam! Va’ad Shabbat put together a creative “Deadpool” themed Shabbat, with his character doing various camp tasks such as working in the ‘marp,’ preparing food in the kitchen, carrying water jugs and more!

We ended the Shabbat evening with an energetic and loud Rikud am, our traditional Israeli and Hebrew folk dances.

This Saturday’s Shabbat programming was based around the theme of ראש חודש, “Rosh Chodesh.” The campers brought in the Hebrew month of Elul with a “tish,” and learned all about the 29 day Moon Cycle using Oreos. Then, we discussed different things we want to try to do in the new month, like being more patient, trying new things or making new friends.

We cooled off from this heat wave with an entire afternoon in the pool.

Afterwards, we ended Shabbat with a beautiful Havdallah all together as a camp community, sang songs and enjoyed a fun Rikudzar.

Shabbat is a wonderful time to unplug and reflect on how lucky we are to be at camp! We can’t believe there is only one week left!

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