Jewish Summer Camp – Camp Massad – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | Aug 8th - Yom Shalom יום שלום
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Aug 8th – Yom Shalom יום שלום

Aug 8th – Yom Shalom יום שלום

Shalom Koolam!

Today at Camp Massad is “Yom Shalom,” a full day planned around the theme of “Peace.”

We decorated the chadar ochel (dining hall) with peace themed decorations, and our art installation of Doves that the campers made this past Shabbat. Last Saturday, the campers learned about the significance of the symbol of the “יונה” for Jewish people, and created origami Doves out of coffee filters which we strung and put on display for the whole camp!

Today was jam packed with activities such as tie-dye, making journey sticks in the clearing, planting trees, and free form sculpting out of plasticine.

After these rotations the campers did body art, אומנות גוף, of symbols like peace signs, hearts and palm trees to represent Massad. After lunch we all sang songs about peace together.

This afternoon the campers learned about a variety of peaceful protests, also known as “Civil Disobediences” throughout history that they prepared shticks for and performed for each other. What a cool and fun learning opportunity for the kids!

This evening the Mechina performed in “Woodstock,” a mock music festival where the entire camp dressed up as hippies and rocked out to fun hebrew songs.

After the concert we all went to the oolam to sing some Camp Massad classics, including “בליבי,” and “Lapadoo.” We love teaching old Massad traditions to new campers.

We settled down for the night with a snack and rad hayom, and went to bed early to prepare for Yom Sport tomorrow!

Heydad Massad!

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