Jewish Summer Camp – Camp Massad – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | Friday August 3rd & Saturday August 4th
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Friday August 3rd & Saturday August 4th

Friday August 3rd & Saturday August 4th

Shavuah Tov!

Although we enjoyed a restful shabbat we remain very busy here at camp! On Friday our Michinah campers took part in Yom Tzahal, an intensive team building army training program. It was a meaningful experience for them, they are feeling achey, united, and proud!

On Friday afternoon, the rest of camp took part in rotations, and we came together to bake challah in the afternoon.

Parshat Eikev is a continuation of Moshe’s speech to Bnei Yisrael before entering into the land of Israel. This plot starts to get a bit repetitive and routine, as does camp for many of our 2 session campers and staff as we approach our 5th week of the summer. Throughout shabbat programming we challenged ourselves to look for the new and exciting in day to day camp life.

We closed shabbat with Havdallah, singing many maccabia favourites, then headed into rikud


Tomorrow we will welcome our last group of campers joining us this summer! They’re in for a stellar 2 weeks!

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