Jewish Summer Camp – Camp Massad – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | July 30th - Cafe!
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July 30th – Cafe!

July 30th – Cafe!

What an amazing first full day of the session!

The campers started off the day with בדיקה as usual, followed by a morning of peulot! Campers played various drama games, did a nature walk through the clearing followed by nature themed art and played two-on-two soccer (to name a few). In the afternoon each cabin learned a shtick to perform in front of the camp, and their cabin songs. Cafe was amazing! All the campers acted in short plays based on the theme “המצאה”, [“Ham-tzah-ah”] meaning “Inventions.” They came up with some pretty cool things! The campers invented a way to beat the heat, multiply the grilled cheese, time travel, use robots and more!

The program ended with ice cream sundaes!

After ice cream we all watched the Mechina Hatzagah, (מכינה הצגה) “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off.” Kol ha Kavod Mechina, it was great!

Signing off after a busy day in the sun. Check in for more exciting updates of our session!


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