Jewish Summer Camp – Camp Massad – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | July 29th - Heydad Onah Bet!
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July 29th – Heydad Onah Bet!

July 29th – Heydad Onah Bet!

Second Session has officially begun! We have a huge group of Bisseleh for the next 5 days (18 in total) and sent off our Machshira on an overnight to beautiful Hecla. All the campers got settled in their cabins, and we cooled off in the בריכה, ‘pool,’ at שחיה!

After a dinner of Hot Dogs and fries, we kicked off the evening program, “קבלת פנים”

During Kabalat Panim, the campers go around camp and get introduced to all the different ‘va’adot’ at Massad to meet all the counselors, and learn about the peulot they will be doing while they are at camp. The campers played dance games, decorated signs for above their beds, learned how to write a little schtik, and more! After the rotations the counselors put on a talent show, which included acts like juggling, doing an elaborate handshake, singing songs, dancing and more!

After the talent show, we all sat around the מדורה (medurah), or camp fire to sing songs, play on the drums and close off an exciting first day at מחנה מסד!

We are so excited for the programs to come!


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