Jewish Summer Camp – Camp Massad – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | Macabia Yom Aleph - מכביה יום א
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Macabia Yom Aleph – מכביה יום א

Macabia Yom Aleph – מכביה יום א

שלים כולם

Macabia at Camp Massad has begun! The camp has been split up into two teams for two days of cheering, acting, singing, and fun! Mazel Tov to our Macabia roshim (ראשים):

Ian Baruch + Bina Rubin leading plugat Ason (אסין), “Disaster,” against Dale Diamond-Burchuk and Elly Coodin on plugat Sodot (סודות), “secrets!”

Yom Aleph began with ruach filled merotzim (מרוצים), or ‘races,’ competing in games like the crab walk, the human chain, balancing an egg on the spoon, and tug of war!

‘Ason’ started off the evening activities with a Highland Games themed arucha (ארוחה). We played croquet, ate haggis and shortbread, and watched the highland dancers perform!

After, plugat sodot performed a Disney magic spectacle for their Hatzagah. The sets and costumes were incredible, and the kids had a blast. Check in later for what the two teams show us next and to find out the winners of Macabia onah aleph, 2018!

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