Summer 2012 Time Capsule
קופסת זמן קייץ 2012

The following article was written by Stu Slayen in 2000.

On a hot,sunny mid-August day in 1990, the campers and staff of Camp Massad buried a large time capsule with the intention of seeing it opened a decade later in the year 2000.

Ten years have passed since the box was buried and on Sunday, September 3, 1:00-3:00 p.m. Massadnicks from 1990 and from 2000 will gather at the campsite to unearth the time capsule. Admission is free and the community is invited to attend.

“I am very excited about this Sunday”, said Lainie F., Camp Massad’s Program Director. “I was a camper in 1990, and I remember the ceremony as if it were yesterday. To still be involved with camp today will make the unearthing even more special for me.”

The time capsule was a labor of love for the campers and staff of second session, 1990. They filled the time capsule with letters, art projects, souvenirs and assorted camp memorabilia. Inside the box, organizers also placed a cassette tape of 1990 campers singing camp songs and a cassette tape player (“we were worried that cassette technology could be obsolete by 2000,” recalled Lainie with a laugh). There is also an undeveloped roll of film with shots of the burial ceremony. Just before the box was sealed, the film was wrapped in plastic, placed in an air-tight container and then deposited into the box.

Organizers are confident that the film and other contents will have survived the nineties. The box was built by an expert carpenter with pressure-treated lumber and the inside is lined. Lainie and her staff are planning to use the very same box to place a new time capsule into the ground.

“The kids of 2000 spent some time compiling items and making projects for a new time capsule that will be opened in 2010,” said Lainie. “They were really excited to take part and we are expecting quite a few of them and their parents to return to the site this Sunday for the ceremony. This whole time capsule project is a wonderful way to celebrate Massad, community and continuity. We are all very proud of what Massad means to so many Jewish families. I think this program is a demonstration of that pride.”

The Following Note Was Distributed To All Who Attended The Time Capsule Ceremony:

September 3, 2000

Massadnicks of all ages,

Shalom, bruchim ha’ba’eem and thank you for joining together today at the camp site for the unearthing of the 1990 Time Capsule.

When the 1990 Time capsule was buried, the intention was to unearth it a decade later and bring the Massad families of 1990 and 2000 together for a celebration of Massad. We are delighted that the day has come, people have gathered and, above all, that we can celebrate the vitality of our shared summer home.

The decade that has passed since 1990 has been a significant one for Massad. Nearly 400 people enjoyed an exceptionally entertaining gala at the International Inn with David Gale and Lesley Corne in 1990; more than 100 alumni spent an exciting reunion weekend her in 1992; Sophie and Stu moved on; Davida, Linda, Marla, ellen, Perry, Corey, Jason and Lainie led the way; our office moved to the Asper Jewish Community Campus; the Massad web site ( redefined the Internet; we built tennis courts, new cabins and, of course, a swimming pool. we celebrated. We laughed. We mourned. We’ve grown as individuals and we’ve flourished as an organization.

Today’s program is about more than opening one box and burying another. Today is about expressing our fondness for Camp Massad, our pride in the Massad experiences we had – and continue to have, and about coming together as a community to celebrate excellence in Jewish summer camping.

Today’s program is simple and short – intentionally so. We invite you to sing, laugh, walk around, debate recent and decade-old Maccabia results and enjoy yourselves.

Again, we welcome you and thank you for coming.