Administration Through The Ages

Camp Massad has always had very strong leadership. The administration (administratzia or hanhallah) consists of the administrative director (the camp Ee-mah or Abba (אמא/אבא)), the program director (meh-nu-hel) and usually between 3-6 other members. In keeping with the spirit of Massad, the administration usually writes a song every year.

The Camp Ee-mahs/Abbas (אמא/אבא) through the years have all been fantastic!

  • Leona Billinkoff was the ee-mah (אמא) from 1953-1978; one of the founders of the camp.
  • Sophie Tapper was the ee-mah (אמא) from 1979-1990.
  • Davita S. was the ee-mah (אמא) in 1991.
  • Linda Bloomfield was the ee-mah (אמא) from 1992-1998.
  • Marla Aronovitch was the ee-mah (אמא) from 1999-2000.
  • Lesley Jacob was the ee-mah (אמא) from 2001-2009.
  • Regina Teplitsky was the ee-mah (אמא) in 2010.
  • Danial Sprintz has been the Abba (אבא) since 2011; and is the current Abba.

The 2000’s

Year Director Hanhallah Song
2019 Drew  M. Ian B., Elly C., Dale D.B., Michal F. Year 3000
2018 Sari W. Brynne F., Ian B., Dale D.B., Michal F. Country Roads
2017 Sari W. Max P., Ian B., Brynne F., Harrison K. Champagne Supernova
2016 Sari W. Max P., Drew M., Ian B., Ben W. We Can Work it Out
2015 Josh W. Leo P., Anna B., Ashley K. (A.K.), Sari W., Max P. Riptide
2014 Josh W. Leo P., Sari W., Ashley K. (A.K.), Anna B., Zev R. Pompeii
2013 Josh W. Gil C., Josh P., Yale M., Adam S. Obladi-Oblada
2012 Samara C. Dafna L., Josh W., Gil C., Josh P., Yale M. You’re Beautiful
2011 Samara C. Susan S., Niri C., Dafna L., Josh W., Steve B. Raise Glass
2010 Cole L. Susan S., Avi P., Niri C. Little Prayer
2009 Cole L. Samara C., Susan S., Avi P. Medley
2008 Jess G. Samara C., Ryan K., Eli G., Cole L. 1234
2007 Hart J. Aaron I., Jess G., Eli G., Samara C. Share The Land
2006 Hart J. Jess G., Sam A., Aaron I. Kan Noladiti
2005 Hart J. Dave B., Jess G., Paula S. Israel 1
2004 Ryla B. Hart J., Niki G., Sean U. Knock 3 Times
2003 Lesley H. Danial S., Hart J., Naomi C., Nicole G. Lola
2002 Lesley H. Danial S., Ryla B., Hart J., Andrea S., Mike P. Zipity Dooduh
2001 Lainie F. Bryan B., Ryla B., Danial S., Andrea S., Mike P. Lean On Me
2000 Lainie F. Ryla B., Jono S., Danial S., Lesley H., Bryan B. Cecilia

The Nineties

Year Director Hanhallah Song
1999 Lainie F. Jono S. Richard T. Naomi P. Leslie H. Downtown
1998 Jason M. Lainie F.
1997 Jason M. Lainie F. Abba S. Richard T. Jono S. Baby Beluga
1995.9 Corey M.
& Jason M.
Jason T.Adeena H. The Cat Came Back
1995 Perry R. Jason M. Corey M. Jason T. Leora S. Laverne & Shirley
1994 Perry R. Ara G. Davie L. Jason M. Shane B. JC Superstar
1993 Perry R. Ara G. Davie L. Mira S. No Sugar Tonight
1992 Ellen W. Ara G. Eyal D. Brian R. Kan Noladiti
1991 Ellen W. Eyal D. Brian R. Norm W.
1990 Stu S. Brian R. Janice C. Norm W. Lesley H. Who Put the Bomp

The Eighties

Year Director Hanhallah Song
1989 Stu S. Evan R. Hersh B. Danny G. Brian R. Cover of the Rolling Stone
1988 Stu S. Evan R. Hersh B. Danny G. Ruthie L. I Get Around
1987 Stu S. Rhonda P. Stephen R. Cheryl H. Marla B. Hersh K. Love Potion #9
1986 Carol L. Stu S. David E. Rhonda S. Down on the Corner
1985 Carol L. Elliot L. Gail C. David E. Rhonda S. In the Summertime
1984 Carol L. Elliot L. Oozy C. Marshall C. Shane B. Cant Buy Me Love
1983 Carol L. Elliot L. Debbie F. Eva G. Wedding Song from Fiddler
1982 Carol L. Miriam K. Oozy C. Sharon C. Limbo Rock
1981 Steve K. Cory R. Carol L. Oozy C. Sharon C. Shaboom, Shaboom
1980 Mimi B. Leah B. Al L. Steve K. Marni K. 8 Days a Week

The Seventies

Year Director Hanhallah Song
1979 Jeff R. Mimi B. Oozy C. Sheldon G. Good Queen Esther
1978 Jack B. Karen S. Perry R. Jeff R. Sheldon/David/Paula G. I Had a Little Dreidel
1977 Jack B. Faigie K. Perry R. Jeff R. Sheldon G.
1976 Jack B. Faigie K. Perry R. Jeff R. Sheldon G. Roh-Meh-Moo
1975 Jack B. Faigie K. Joel B. David F. Marty M. Perry R. Leah B. Polka-Dot Bikini
1974 Jack B. Frum W. Motz. Moe L.
1973 Jack B. Frum W. Molyn L. Motz. Moe L. Happy Wanderer
1972 Jack B. (Prak) Frum W. Motz. Moe L. Happy Wanderer
1971 Salem &
Debby K.
Ira U. Danny C. Riding a Train
1970 Arne W. Willie F. Ira U. Danny C. Marni K. Opera-Administratzia

The Sixties

Year Director Hanhallah Song
1969 Arky B.
1968 Arky B.
1967 Arky B. Max S.
1966 Arky B. Max S.
1965 Gad H.
1964 Gad H.
1963 Gad H.
1962 Gad H.
1961 Gad H. Chuck D.
1960 Ben-Zion C.

The Fifties

Year Director Hanhallah Song
1959 Ben-Zion C.
1958 Ben-Zion C.
1957 Avraham P. Ben-Zion C.
1956 Herbie H.
1955 Eddie Y.
1954 Judah S.
1953 Eddie Y.