Programs & Activities
תוכניות + פעולות

Camp Massad offers a wide range of activities to foster creativity, self-expression, and independence.
Drama, Dancing, Singing, Arts and Crafts, Shtick, Movie Making, Kayaking, Swimming, Orienteering, Hiking, Cookouts, Overnights, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Badminton, Tetherball, Floor Hockey, photography, Discussion Groups, Simulation Games and many more stimulating, educational and fun activities. Of course, Massad also offers…

Tefilah and Shabbat (תפילה + שבת)

Campers take turns leading the morning prayers (tefilah) during the week, and on Shabbat welcome the Sabbath Queen with a theme dinner, prayers, songs, dances and plays. Saturday morning services are interactive and emphasize total camper involvement.

Olympiada (עולמפידה)

The “Massad Olympics” feature traditional and unique-to-Massad track and field events and relays designed for children of all abilities.

Yom Sport (יום ספורט)

An exciting all-day sports event. Campers are divided into two teams. They compete in various sports but also write and sing cheers, perform shticks and design flags and emblems. The day culminates in a huge tug-of-war and relay races.

Yom Yisrael (יום ישראל)

Tour Israel, visit a Kibbutz, climb Massada, and eat falafel in a “Bedouin tent” without leaving the camp site!

Yom Shalom (יום שלום)

Yoga, tie-dye, meditation, and a Woodstock style Eurovision concert in celebration of Massad’s unique community.

Televisia (טלוזיה)

A fantastic all-day drama program in which campers simulate a television station. A children’s show, game show, talk show, situation comedy and late show are presented. Even commercials sneak in to the program!

Café (קפה)

Campers work with their cabin mates in the creation of a shtick based on a country. Backdrops, 3-dimensional props, lighting and sound effects are all necessary components of a first-rate presentation (in Hebrew, of course).

Festival (פסטיבל)

A grand parade complete with costumes, fantastic floats and decorations helps to make the Festival an exhilarating event the campers will never forget. The evening includes carnival games, rides, roller coasters, and special carnival foods.

Meshuguramah (משוגרמה)

Silly relay races, games and song downs. They’re all part of this energetic, fantastic program.

The Oscars (אוסקרס)

During the session campers write, direct, act and film their own movies, then premiere them in front of the camp at the Oscars program, dressing up as their favorite movie stars for the occasion.

Maccabia (מכביה)

The granddaddy of them all; The grand finalé; The big enchilada; Ha gveenuh hugdolah… well, you get the picture! This two day competition divides the camp into two teams. Each team puts on a huge drama production for the other team and a theme-based dinner (ah-roo-huh). Songs, sports, small shticks, silent breakfast, presentation of team names… You name it! It’s all part of this spirited event. Maccabia brings out the creative best in every camper!

Other programs include Carnival, Capture the Flag, Historical Simulations, Mock Trials, and daily daytime pe-oo-lot programming (arts & crafts, orienteering, drama, dance & movement, singing & music, sports, water sports).