Camp Massad was founded in 1953 just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada by a group of Winnipeg educators and volunteers dedicated to the fledgling State of Israel and the revival of the Hebrew language.

Each new generation of “Massadniks” contribute their own experiences to the Camp and in so doing add to the Camp’s history.

Camp Massad is committed to enhancing Jewish life and a love of Israel and Jewish culture through creative programming, strong leadership and use of the Hebrew language. (Although Hebrew is the working language of the camp, the ability to speak or understand Hebrew is not a prerequisite for attendance.)

Geveret B. (Leona Billinkoff) was an integral person in creating Camp Massad; a Hebrew speaking Jewish camping experience.


Held Sunday August 24 at 2:30pm at Camp Massad camp grounds at Winnipeg Beach.

A dedication took place, memories and stories were shared by all those in attendance.

Click here to read Mrs B: The Mother of All Camps written by Al Levine (Madrich 1968-69, 1971-75, 1980) on the occasion of the 1992 alumni reunion.

Camp Massad honoured the late Leona Billinkoff on her 90th birthday.
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Leona Billinkoff Obituary as published by the Winnipeg Free Press.